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You are tomorrow what you eat today! Wild Living Foods is on a mission to give all people access to the simple diet our bodies have evolved over eons to thrive off of. In search of optimal nutrition, its founders (they’re the coolest) have spent a lifetime perfecting a menu consisting exclusively of dishes sourced from raw, vegan, organic, and pesticide-free ingredients.

There is a sort of “path of least resistance” to the Wild ethos. Their menu sounds familiar, their dishes taste rich, and their tone stays inviting. The result? A cult following in DTLA ranging from the strictest of vegans to the most indulgent of foodies and everything in between. We don’t know exactly how they keep coming up with the flavors they do while rejecting pretty much every single culinary convention, but we do know one thing from experience: eating WLF everyday will make you feel f**king amazing!

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