David Sabastian used to sleep on the streets of Skidrow, now he sleeps in an apartment eight stories above. Sabastian’s meteoric success as a recording artist inspired him to start Skidrow Fashionweek-a streetwear label funding an assembly of direct-action programs combating homelessness in Skidrow, Los Angeles.
SRFW’s programs are designed to provide for the immediate, longterm, physical, spiritual, and emotional needs of Skid Row’s residents.
Jobs are created to print and package orders. Sales fund food, clothing, and toiletry drives. Designs demand awareness from passers-bys worldwide. All-in all, Skidrow is a brand in rapid expansion. A universe experiencing its big bang. An imperfect experiment forcing us all to confront, and sometimes celebrate, the ridiculousness of a system we’ve been confined by, threatened with, or otherwise taught to ignore all together.

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