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Verbal Brand Kit

Verbal Brand Kit

Your Verbal Brand Kit provides all of your funnel’s foundational written assets and establishes a system for dynamically writing future copy on-strategy. 

Delivery Est. — 30+ Days
Cost Est. — $500 - $5,000+ Get started View full details

A Verbal Brand Kit is a functional, solution-oriented asset designed to increase the effectiveness of messaging while reducing the cost of producing it. Good writing comes from good source material. This kit accounts for both by delivering a Messaging Rubric based on the Growth Strategy, and then applying it in the development of all Static Messages necessary to run campaigns. When it’s time to produce future assets for your funnel, a good chunk of the work is already done — reducing the team hours it takes to get you Marketing Ready.

The Verbal Brand Kit reflects a wealth of experience managing the needs of brands and the workflows of writers. As a system, our proprietary Messaging Rubric energizes the best writers in our network to provide you their best work. As a suite of assets, the Static Messages provided instantly maximize the potential of moments deemed most important by the UI of the channels your funnel exists on.

Your Verbal Brand Kits instills a high level of confidence in your employment of others to communicate with audiences on your behalf. Want to kick-off on a new channel? Your brand will exist as the best version of itself instantaneously thanks to your Static Messages. Does giving feedback to writers feel like it goes nowhere? Your Messaging Rubric inspires the words of others for you. Simply put, your Verbal Brand Kit adds value to your word – whether internal or external.