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Product Content

Product Content

Your Product Content Suite provides writing and photography for every item in your catalog, optimized for user research and formatted for a multitude of shopping channels.

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Cost Est. ‚ÄĒ $500 - $3,500+ Get started View full details

A Product Content Suite is a reservoir of all verbal/visual assets required to effectively market products online. The en-masse development of these assets, in accordance with the Growth Strategy and universal ecom standards, ensures that brands have the strongest edge possible when engaging audiences at the consideration stage of the funnel. The resulting library provides the foundation for fast, cohesive development of the upcoming Campaign Content and the Ecom Store deliverables.

The Product Content Suite system maximizes brand authority online by providing high quality detailing of every product in-catalog, formatted for every channel in-funnel. To deliver the suite, our expert content writers and ecom photographers follow a production rubric derived from years of experience and constantly evolved by emerging trends. The resulting assets allow brands to fully leverage the legitimacy offered by Google, Instagram, and other channel’s native shopping UI’s, while also ensuring big-swings on Campaign content are always grounded in quality product communication.

Your Product Content Suite ensures that the quality of your offering is perceived by audiences the same way as it is perceived by you. In the absence of an in-person interaction, where the items you sell can be picked up by interested shoppers and explained by trusted representatives, this collection of assets grants you the power to break through the screen and make appeal to the physical.