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Audience Build Out

Audience Build Out

Your Audience Buildout catalogs all possible ad, ecom, and analytics segmentation on-platform for easy activation during campaigning. 

Delivery Est. — 14 - 30+ Days
Cost Est. — $1,000 - $3,000 Get started View full details

Audience Buildout is a process by which a library of targeting parameters reflective of available data and Growth Strategy insights is built out cross-platform prior to campaign launches. This library is formatted directory-style, and serves as the ‘arsenal-of-record’ for the incoming media buying team. By uploading these audiences en-masse, media buying specialists are able to quickly create targeting structures as needed during campaign cycles — saving valuable time and budget.

The Audience Buildout process is based on a matrix of targeting parameters spanning 10+ platforms. Derived from both the documentation of the companies themselves, as well as cumulative insights from our expert media buyers, this matrix is used as a sieve through which a brand’s data assets are filtered. The audiences which result from this process constitute all available targeting opportunities, and highlight possible weak points.

Your Audience Buildout brings clarity to what is often a blindspot for both brands and less seasoned media buyers alike — the cross-platform composition of available audiences. In many ways, the matrix used to complete Audience Buildout comprises the ‘known universe’ of targeting. By undergoing the process of Audience Buildout, you are able to confidently place your brand in this wider universe.