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Manhattan Knights


Manhattan Knights doesn’t care about your stupid brand sentence. Manhattan Knights does care about flipping the world on its head, and maybe a few logos along the way. Established in the mid 2000’s as an affront to the growing self-seriousness of streetwear, the brand has since gained notoriety on the internet and in certain legal circles. 

Their marque line Just, Don’t has given rise to an entire collection of snark-soaked tees and hoodies riffing on otherwise honorable megabrands. Many of these brave designs have now been neutralized by some of America’s greatest copyright lawyers (read that as a brag). Not one to rest on his laurels, founder and lead shit-stirer Samuel Murkofsy has launched successive seasons of high-design collections celebrated in boutiques from his native New York to bummy LA. Love ‘em or hate ‘em, Manhattan Knights really couldn’t care less.

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