CAPE Global

If you are reading this you are a Global Citizen. Maybe you were born in Paris, maybe in São Paulo, maybe your birthplace means nothing to you, maybe everything — regardless, you should feel free and at ease with the knowledge that you do indeed belong here, on this our planet Earth.

Created to celebrate that which unites us in a world bent on division with taxonomical fervor, CAPE is a passion project gone global. Widely known in certain circles of Instagram for their iconic ‘Passport Hoodie’, CAPE has received resounding international support in it’s three years of intermittent existence. From Shanghai to London, the brand with the little pointed flag is obliterating borders left and right.

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We create digitally native, full-service marketing initiatives that deserve the attention they generate. To do so, our team aligns Digital Advertising, Social Media, Web Design, Content Production, Brand Development, and Guerilla Marketing in highly-lucrative harmonies.